I am a runner. I recently traded in my very flat running roads for some rather hilly ones! WOW! What a difference a few hills can make. I loved the new terrain and running along in the quiet peaceful new scenary. Running is very cathartic and renewing for me especially in the country.

As I cruised up and down these down roads, I frequently saw wild turkey , deer, cows, and goats. Ah yes! I loved every minute of it. Well, maybe not the initial challenge of the vertical incline. Ha! But once I climbed the upgrade, completely out of breath, I felt a sense of accomplishment. The endorphins kick in and continue for hours afterward. Yes. I did it! I met this challenge head on.

Now I am back in the city again, running my familiar trails. It is wholeheartedly a different experience. Traffic, cars, busses, kids, and an occasional dog. I still am the recipient of the amazing endorphins and energy surge following a run but no longer experience the quiet, peaceful, tranquility of the countryside runs. Most days, even in the city, I love my little escape. Just me, my thoughts, my music. It is an anchor for me and a needed break from a hectic life. After a run, I am ready to face the day.

I am often times asked why I run. The answer for me is pretty simple. Yes, I do enjoy the physical benefits of running, but the internal benefits are why I continue to do it, heat, humidity, rain, or shine. I am making a deposit in my internal bank.So here I am..last day..a beautiful tranquil countryside…last hill to climb. Here we go. Have a great week-end!



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